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        Sheep Industry COVID-19 Information


        Find out more about assistance available to producers and communities affected by bushfire or donate to a relief agency.


        SPA reported on a year of strategic work and outlined its core focus areas for 2020 at its AGM.

        #DYK ... the definition of lamb changed on July 1?

        Download SPA’s resources which outline the changes …

        Open to everyone in the industry, the bob平台下载手机版 Network is your opportunity to develop, connect and contribute.


        bob官方网站 works to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the Australian sheep and lamb industry in six key areas.

        Securing markets

        bob官方网站 works to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the Australian sheep and lamb industry in six key areas.

        Guaranteeing product integrity

        SPA represents all sheep producers when we work with regulators and other industry organisations to ensure Australian sheepmeat products achieve the highest standards of food safety and quality from farm to consumer at the lowest cost to producers.

        Driving innovation

        SPA monitors the spending of producer levies by working with our industry service providers to make sure all R&D investments are aligned with the goals outlined in the Sheep Industry Strategic Plan (SISP) 2020 and deliver the greatest return possible for producers.

        Improving health and welfare

        SPA helps producers achieve the high standards customers demand by working to develop science- based sheep health and welfare policy and programs. We work with our service providers to manage endemic disease and biosecurity risks on- farm, improve welfare outcomes and minimise the risk of exotic diseases entering Australia.

        Building industry capability

        SPA’s focus is on building industry leadership capability by upskilling our industry groups and leaders throughout the supply chain. SPA operates a range of programs and ensures participants remain engaged in the organisation’s activities through the bob平台下载手机版 Network.

        Influencing business outcomes

        SPA represents all sheepmeat producers on a range of cross-commodity issues such as transport, natural resources and water management to get the best outcomes for everyone. We participate in a number of industry forums and with a range of partners to develop programs that support farm businesses.

        Our partners

        Our members


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